MOSS is a group of people, first and foremost. We also call ourselves technologists, planners, designers, doers, thinkers, and activists. Each week, we actively work together to improve the City and County of Maldives, often using technology to support our efforts. By connecting people, organizations, resources, tools, and networks to build for Maldives, we will all thrive.

One of Our Meetings
One of Our Meetings

MOSS is a safe space for experimentation, learning and practicing skills, taking chances, and asking questions, all to affect and encourage positive change. Whenever possible, we proactively reach out to those who are left out, excluded, ignored, or discriminated against. Those people, in our opinion, represent our most desirable source for experiences, knowledge, and thoughts. We fail without their involvement.

Everyone is welcome!

Not a techie? That's ok! We encourage non-technical folks to pair up and learn from our community's designers and developers. We've seen time and time again, the most successful projects come from teams with a diverse background.

Remember, there's much more to making a great project than just coding. Not the least of which, there is also:

  • User research
  • Product management
  • Project management
  • Community engagement
  • Promotion
And much more!

How are you organized?

MOSS is led by a team of volunteer organizers.

Leadership Council

Every month, we hold an open Leadership Council Meeting to discuss new ideas and ways to make the meetups better. Anyone is welcome to join! More info »

Guidelines & Resources

MOSS is guidelines are a set of fundamental principles, operational principles, and standards to guide the actions and management of MOSS.


MOSS is hosted at Github Pages and supported by our amazing sponsors.

In-kind Donations

MOSS partners with Maldives government, other non-profits, and companies to make Maldives work better using open source. Here’s some of the organizations we work with and are supported by:

Our Partners

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