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Meeting with NCIT

Meeting Minutes - Meeting with NCIT:

  • MCST discussing to discontinue the ICT Law project due to concerns from several parties regarding conflict of interest between policy making and law drafting.
  • A proposed SSO service, where in MOSS can be funded by offering SSO membership to other organizations IGMH currently in the process of implementing an opens source Mail system instead of Exchange. MOSS to look into how open source systems (OSS) can be provided technical and Software Assurance (SA) support in Maldives.
  • MOSS to train and professionally certify MOSS members in internationally recognized OSS certifications such as the Red Hat Certified System Administrator certification as a means of HR and capacity building.
  • Major IT implementation projects and Policy drafts in various areas of the government already exists or is ongoing:
    • MED currently undertaking the National Single Window project as well as a draft for Data Privacy and Intellectual Property.
    • Ministry of Finance currently has a Digital Signature Act draft created with the help of consultants.
    • NCIT suggested MOSS to approach these parties and suggest to get involved in these projects and provide support where possible.
    • NCIT plans to formulate plans to allow MOSS and other public/private parties to be more involved in such large projects carried out by NCIT.

Action Points:

  • To form teams within MOSS and MDS to undertake and oversee the different projects being carried out by the two organizations.
  • Send a letter to ministry proposing an SSO framework/platform to be implemented in collaboration with the Ministry.
  • Send a letter to ministry requesting to collaborate in holding a conference to discuss the IT Policy issue now that the ministry is discontinuing its initial plan.
  • To draft a system that allows MOSS to issue certifications to individuals as a means to provide professional support and maintenance to OSS implemented in Maldives, similar to how paid software is supported by vendors.
  • Corollary, draft a framework from which MOSS can certify individuals with the professional ability to implement OSS, as well as conduct migrations from paid platforms to OSS platforms.
  • To arrange AGM for MDS
  • To change the correspondence mail with NCIT from personal mail to
  • To raise 1000MVR to pay fines incurred on MDS non-compliance.

7:00 PM, Tuesday, January 22, 2019