Support Maldives Open Source Society

We believe in civic innovation, open data, and open source collaboration.

Maldives Open Source Society is a community searching for technological solutions to social challenges. We are an all volunteer group of technologists, designers, coders, data scientists, and engaged citizens. Our weekly meeting is open to anyone interested in making Maldives a better place.

We depend on the generous support of local organizations to help us run events and for our projects to accomplish their goals. When you donate to Maldives Open Source Society, you’re supporting the creation of open source technology solutions for the local community.

If you are interested in supporting our organization, please reach out via

How we work

Our weekly meeting offer the Maldives open source tech community a safe space for experimentation, learning and practicing skills, taking chances, and asking questions, all to effect and encourage positive change. Whenever possible, we proactively reach out to those who are left out, excluded, ignored, or discriminated against. We fail without their involvement.

How your support will be used

Your generous gift will support our meetups and events throughout the year:

  • Coffee/Dinner each week
  • Name tags, paper pads and other basic materials
  • Meals for special events throughout the year
  • Software subscriptions to support operations

Please reach out via